In thanksgiving for the many individuals and organizations who have asked how they can help St. John Parish in Benwood, W.Va., a fund has been established to accept charitable gifts.

The St. John Parish Fire Relief Fund has been created to meet the greatest unmet needs of the church.

Because short-term planning is so uncertain, funds collected for the church will go to meet their greatest unmet needs. Examples of these costs could include but are not limited to, reestablishing operations, or purchasing liturgical materials for the parish. The funds will also be used to pay for any items that might not be covered by insurance.

Contributions can be mailed to: St. John Parish Fire Relief Fund, 622 Main St., Benwood WV 26031.

Gifts are also accepted online here:

Funds may be contributed to St. John Parish here:


While there are reports of other individual and group efforts to raise funds for the parish, the public is asked to note that this fund is the only sanctioned or official fund that provides direct support to the parish in Benwood.

On behalf of the many families that will be positively affected by such generosity, Father Bekeh Utietiang and the school and parish communities thank everyone for their prayers, contributions, and thoughtful support.